Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Boardwalk's ticker symbol and on which stock exchange are the common units traded?


The common units of Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP trade under the symbol "BWP" on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).



2. How do I purchase common units of Boardwalk?    

Common units of Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP (NYSE: BWP) can be purchased through the brokerage firm of your choice.



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Print versions of current
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To order, email us at:
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3. Does Boardwalk offer a Distribution Re-Investment Plan (DRIP)? 


At this time, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP does not offer common units for purchase under a DRIP.



4. How do I obtain copies of your annual report, quarterly reports and SEC filings?


Copies of our financial materials can be found in the following locations:



5. How do I subscribe to email alerts, which will automatically send me updates of Boardwalk's financial information?


Please go to Email Alerts, provide your email address and designate the types of information you would like to be alerted about, including: press releases, presentations, financial reports, SEC filings and/or audio and video webcasts.



6. What is Boardwalk's fiscal year?


Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP's fiscal year follows the calendar year: first quarter ends March 31, second quarter ends June 30, third quarter ends September 30, and fourth quarter ends December 31.



7. Who is Boardwalk's transfer agent and registrar?


Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP's transfer agent is American Stock Transfer & Trust.  Requests regarding address or name changes, lost certificates or transfers of units should be directed to them.  

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(800) 937-5449 (Shareholder Services)


8.  How can I contact Investor Relations?

Investor Relations
Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, LP
9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 2800
Houston, TX 77046
Toll-free: (866) 913-2122