Emergency Preparedness


To report an emergency, call:

  • 1-800-626-1948 (for activity on Texas Gas Transmission or Gulf Crossing Pipeline)
  • 1-800-850-0051 (for activity on Gulf South Pipeline, Boardwalk Field Services, or Boardwalk Storage Company)
  • 1-225-387-0871 or 1-866-574-4483 (for activity on Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream)
  • 1-844-337-8234 (for activity on Boardwalk Petrochemical Pipeline)

Boardwalk makes every effort to prevent emergency situations. Should a pipeline failure occur, however, its employees are well trained and experienced to manage such an event.


Employees train throughout the year and continually sharpen their emergency response skills. They participate in drills with local fire, police and ambulance departments. And, they coordinate Boardwalk's emergency plans with those of local first responders.


In an emergency, Boardwalk will dispatch responders quickly. It will reroute or shut down the pipeline, if necessary, and take action to protect the public, employees and the environment.